The Feature Image was founded by Robert Bejil and Joshua Keith Mathews in December 2012.  Robert had a personal photography project which consisted of interviewing people in various music scenes to talk about the different fashions and stereotypes within each genre of music. Robert worked on this project for two years, but it quickly came to a halt due to the lack of finding the right people for the project. Josh came up with the idea of wanting to explore various talents and showcasing them in some form of media, in order to help bring attention to people who deserve the praise. After much deliberation, it was decided that Robert’s “This is the Scene” project and Josh’s idea needed to come together to become one central hub for all these features.

The Feature Image knows that there is a lot of talent out in the world. So much so, that not all of that talent is able to reach the kind of audience it deserves. Our basic goal is to try to obtain some of the wonderful things out there to discover and bring it you in one convenient place. Since we are artists ourselves, we know how hard it can be to gain some shred of recognition for our work. We strongly believe in unity and building a support system for our fellow artist. Not just artists though, but support for local business, musicians, entrepreneurs, and anyone just trying to do something positive, need a foundation in order to build up what they are doing. It’s too often that these talents go to waste or are simply just looked over, and we aim to try to create some kind of remedy for that.