The Jay Smith Group

The Jay Smith Group are an extremely talented group of musicians from Bakersfield that have created a unique style of jazz that begs to be heard. There style is can be a bit difficult to categorize since you can hear so many different influences, but if you are a fan of jazz, rock, latin, fusion, or prog, then you will love this group. We spent some time with the guys as they recorded their upcoming album, and it is clear that this group was meant to play together. Improvising any type of music is tough, but Jazz is a genre where improvising can seem messy, however, The Jay Smith Group just do it perfectly & in balance. Currently the guys… Read More →

The Secret VI

The Secret VI are an extreme metal band from Bakersfield, CA who are creating a buzz in the metal community. We got to hang with the band during their latest show at Jerry’s Pizza. (See photos from the show here). While hanging, we shot footage for our interview (obviously), as well has interviews for FuseTV, Driven Inc, and a music video! We cannot wait to see our work on TV! After you watch the interview, be sure to like The Secret VI on Facebook to see what the guys are up to. Follow The Secret VI: Photos By: Robert Bejil Photography

Meditated Assault

We sat down with Meditated Assault (left to right: Micah, Rico, Bryan, and Tony) in their extremely impressive practice studio aka Rented Storage Facility. Our first impression with them was more with their physical appearance… these guys look like they are supposed to be in separate bands.  Upon listening to them jam, it was immediately clear that they all belong in one band together. To hear them play sounds as if the music itself was one instrument that took all 4 of them to play… and they do it extremely well!  During the interview we found that the band members actually live together! Meditated Assault ARE the definition of a band. They are family, brothers, bandmates, best friends, and they play their music with such love and emotion that you can’t help to be moved by it.  Tony said while… Read More →