We sat down with Meditated Assault (left to right: Micah, Rico, Bryan, and Tony) in their extremely impressive practice studio aka Rented Storage Facility. Our first impression with them was more with their physical appearance… these guys look like they are supposed to be in separate bands.  Upon listening to them jam, it was immediately clear that they all belong in one band together. To hear them play sounds as if the music itself was one instrument that took all 4 of them to play… and they do it extremely well!  During the interview we found that the band members actually live together! Meditated Assault ARE the definition of a band. They are family, brothers, bandmates, best friends, and they play their music with such love and emotion that you can’t help to be moved by it.  Tony said while on stage about to perform at the “Last Show on Earth” show, he realized “if this really is it, if this was the last hours on earth… I could not be happier then to go down with my brothers”. Meditated Assault is a group of 4 guys that are well-educated about their music, passionate people, and funny as hell to sit down and talk with… this is the madness that ensued, enjoy. For Web-13

How would you describe Meditated Assault’s sound?

“(Rico) If Sound Garden got raped by Machine Head… the baby they would give away, would be us! LOL!”

Where are you all from?

“(Rico) We’re all from Bakersfield except Bryan.”
“(Bryan) I’m from parts unknown! BaHaHaHa … I’m actually originally from the Kernville / Isabella area.”

How long has Meditated Assault be a band?

“(Rico) Since about 2006. Tony and I have been in from the start and have seen it evolve… not that it was bad or the people that were in it, but it all seemed forced. Fast forward a little… Brian showed up one day when we were trying out new guitarists, and we knew immediately that we had our man LOL! We called everyone else who was going to try out that day and let them know we found our guy for sure.” Meditated Assault (7)

What are your most memorable moments?

“(Tony) Well fuck… it happened today! We were on the god damn radio! LOL!”
“(Micah) I got mad goose bumps hearing us on KRAB (106.1 fm) Radio.”
“(Bryan) Yeah I sat down in my work truck and turned it on and was like… ‘My shit’s playing on the fucking radio!…AWESOME!'”
“(Rico) That was super cool!”
“(Tony) I was shaking LOL!”
“(Micah) That was pretty rad, definitely was a milestone moment.”
“(Tony) Yeah man, that was pretty titties HaHa!”

Do you guys have any plans on touring in the near future?

“(Rico) YES! Absolutely… for now we are working on some short-circuit tours up and down Cali.”
Meditated Assault (9)

Do you guys have a favorite song you like to play live?

“(Rico) I think it changes all the time. We will actually drop a song if we all don’t enjoy it. We want to make sure that it’s always current to what’s happening too, but I would say the most consistent song we play would be The Stuggle Within.”
“(Bryan) Yeah for sure. It was the first song that we all contributed to as a band.”

Who are your personal influences?

“(Tony) Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron.”
“(Micah) Ben Kenney and At The Drive-In.”
“(Rico) Pearl Jam, Machine Head, and Alice n Chains.”
“(Bryan) Paul Gilbert and Fart… ok not Fart but Mastodon”

How would you each define “Music”?

“(Rico) For me music is what moves the soul you know? With music there is no right or wrong, it’s just what ever moves you!”
“(Bryan) What ever mood you’re in you can listen to something… music is everything!”
“(Tony) Music is universal.”
“(Micah) To me music is the rarest form of emotion.”
Meditated Assault (16)

What type of music did you start playing?

“(Bryan) I started off  with stuff like thrash, super hard.”
“(Tony) I definitely liked some funky stuff LOL!”
“(Rico) Riff Rock not half as heavy as we get these days, and it was way less diverse.”
“(Micah) Thursday and Thrice are my kind of musical background.”

What is the one place you would want to play?

“(Rico) Rocking Ring”
“(Bryan) The Coliseum.”
“(Micah) Red Rock in Colorado.”
“(Tony) Budokan in Japan.”
Meditated Assault (12)

Who would you love to open for?

“(Tony) Sound Garden… pretty titties.”
“(Bryan) Machine Head.”
“(Micah) At the Drive-In.”
“(Rico) Alice n Chains and/or Machine Head.”

As a band, what is your ultimate goal?

“(Bryan) World Domination! LOL!”
“(Tony) Do this as a living… and own a country!”
“(Rico) To be able to survive doing this as a living and not the 9 to 5.”
“(Micah) Yeah I agree, to be doing this as a living.”

Anything you would like say or add?

“We definitely want to thank Felicia Ponce my sister and best friend takes the crown for most shows attended followed close by Erica Rodriguez, James Whiteside for our amazing handmade key chains and merchandise… Dead and Buried for our shirts, Kenny Williams for designing our logo and first shirt design….and of course you guys!!! We have amazing and extremely loyal fans, and would like to say thank you to each and everyone of them for all of the support, it really helps us keep going strong!!!
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Photos By: Robert Bejil Photography