NES LogoWhen we initially brainstormed which photographers to feature, Vanessa Cabrillas of NES | Photographs was easily a “must have”. Our time spent with NES consisted of long laughs, passionate talk and an in-depth breakdown of NES | Photographs. We were so impressed with Nes, and we cannot remember the last time we heard a photographer speak so passionately about what they do! We left that night re-inspired and eager to continue on our own path to success. NES said something that night that really stuck with us, she said “Being able to SEE is a skill that is crafted over time and gained with experience”… it seems as if this young woman is already well beyond her young years. What follows is our night with Vanessa Cabrillas of NES | Photographs… enjoy.

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How old are you lol?

“15 … LoL! na, I’m 23!”

What is you ethnicity?

“I am full Filipino.”

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What was the first glimpse of photography for you?

“Well it happened in High School, one of my friends was getting into photography. My parents are very traditional and wanted me to have a plan for my life but I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do… I did know I wanted to do something in the Arts, so that year for Christmas I told my family that all I wanted was a camera! My grandma and parents chipped in together and bought me a Sony Cyber Shot (yes, I am a digital baby LoL). As soon as I got my camera I started shooting with all my friends and realized, people make a living out of this, why couldn’t I? LoL … So one day I googled Photography Schools, Brooks popped up, I applied, and got accepted. So then I had to finally confess to my family that I was going to do this… and with no “plan B” I was determined to make it work! LoL.”

How long have you been doing photography on a serious note?

“2009 until present time… but all together about 6 years.”

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Who or what was your biggest influence for your photography or in your life?

“James Nachtwey, he is a war photographer that risks his life for the shot. They are very impactful.”

What is it that keeps you motivated to do photography with so many photographers out there?

“Well I am self motivated (LoL) if I don’t work I don’t get paid! Thankfully I have had great referrals and I never stop networking and talking to people! I mean even my mentor is located out of Japan! He is who I talk to about a lot of my stuff.”
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What is photography to you?

“Capturing a moment is so cliche… I would say with what I do is I CREATE THE MOMENT.”

What would be a perfect photoshoot for you?

“I like the imperfections and I run off of stress… but of course I like all my equipment to work right lol!”

What is your preferred camera?

“Canon 5D Mark II, but the most important thing about a camera is to utilize all of it’s settings and use proper lighting. You will be surprised what you can do!”

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What goes through your mind while shooting? (how does “the shot” come together)

“I have a general idea about what I am going to do but I really like to figure out the details once I get on that location and meet that model. (Most likely I haven’t met the model or seen the location until shoot time).”

What is your biggest accomplishment as of yet?

“I got published in a magazine in L.A. called Bunker Hill.”

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What is your ultimate goal with your photography?

“I want to be international!”
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When you are gone what do you want people to remember about your photography?

“I want people to realize my determination, the persistence, and taking risks like a motha fucker!”

Anything you would like to add or say?

“Always have good energy. Don’t depend on your computer for all your networking… get out and mingle with real life people! Make connections and put yourself out there.”

Any parting words?

“My name is NES, go for it Motha Fuckers LoL!”

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